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Hey guys, I'm your host who's higher than most, BG! I promote music of any genre, any artist, from anywhere in the entire world through online media and live music events.

I had the idea of listening to and promoting bands while stoned, and pitched the idea to an old band mate. He pretty much told me it was a terrible, dumb idea. So I set out to prove him wrong, fell in love with the concept, and the rest is history: Local Band Smokeout was born.

Now, over eight years later, I have thousands of music reviews and interviews under my belt.  I've recruited a bad ass team to help keep up with it all and chances are you'll meet some of them during the live streams and/or public events including:


 "Queen" Liz Diamanti    

Miss Trista "Minnesota" Whitman 

Joseph "JB Music" Barba


When it comes to reaction videos, I give your song or video a rating between one and ten (one lowest, ten highest).  My music background in production and being in a band provides honest, helpful feedback. I take into consideration audio quality, song structure, etc. If you impress me so much by scoring a 9.3 or above you automatically get added to our Spotify LBS Bands You Need to know playlist!

We are a "positive vibes" environment here so I tend to shy away from negative comments not only during the video but during our live streams as well.  I prefer good constructive feedback.  Visit the You Tube channel to see for yourself!

When not filming videos, I'm hosting our live streams, which are one of the most fun, unique music themed shows on the internet! We review submitted music videos or songs from lesser known bands. I'm talking about  your local, unsigned bands that play those small venues in your hometown, hence the word LOCAL in our title. Bands get instant feedback from our viewers and have the opportunity to interact with all of us during the show!  If you're seeking free promotion, join us on stream Monday through Friday
4 PM PT  (6 CT, 7 ET ) via Twitch

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