How to submit your music to us

Our Twitch streams are more popular than ever!  Monday through Friday at 4:20 PT

(6:20 CT,  7:20 ET ) The stream often includes supporters, bands, musicians and music fans in general. We even have special co-hosts and guests along with  surprises, trivia and prizes! Follow us at:


Request your music to be played on the live stream

by typing:

!request (then paste you tube link)

into the chat.




(note the space between the word request and the link)

This will then add your song to the que for the live stream's playlist!


* Limited to three submissions per person and one band per submission *

meaning don't  request more than one link to the same band.

We have special live streams in which to submit multiple songs for each band


Tell others about the show so they can come vote for your song!

 If the viewers like your song, they type YAY in the comments, and if it gets enough "YAYs" it becomes a finalist for getting another song played at the end of the stream. (Yes, you can "YAY" your own song) We encourage every band played during the live stream to invite fans to come vote for them! 

After reviewing all the music, the viewers cast  votes for their favorite bands via a live web poll.  The winner will get a second song (randomly chosen by BG) played to finish the show.


If you want to be played automatically once a week on our live streams, consider becoming a Patreon supporter.


  Nearly 20,000 subscribers and THOUSANDS of music reaction videos-
the most on ANY You Tube channel!


When it comes to reaction videos, I give your song or video a rating between one and ten (one lowest, ten highest).  My music background in production and being in a band provides an honest, helpful feedback. I take into consideration audio quality, song structure, etc. If you impress me so much by scoring a 9.3 or above you automatically get added to our Spotify LBS Bands You Need to know playlist! We are a "positive vibes" environment here so I tend to shy away from negative comments not only during the videos but during our live stream as well.  I prefer good constructive feedback.  Visit the You Tube channel to see for yourself!

Do you want your band featured on our You Tube channel with a reaction video of your own? Fill out the form below and choose your payment option and let's go!

 Reaction Video Request
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All videos done by BG himself and posted to You Tube shortly after completed

NOTE: please be sure to clear and/or
whitelist the Local Band Smokeout YouTube channel to avoid potential copyright issues.

Success! Proceed to payment 


NOTE: Proceed to the payment option of your choice below . You will need to make the transaction separate from this website. Enter the appropriate payment amount in relation to the wait skip option you chose above.