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Winners from our music review live streams are put into the tournament for a virtual "battle of the bands tournament" where the viewers vote in the live stream to determine a champion. The band/artist that wins gets a large prize package from Local Band Smokeout.

Watch the short video below for the details, or read more below.  Refresh the page if trouble playing the video.

It all starts with the daily live stream

Our Twitch streams are more popular than ever!  Monday through Friday at 4pm PT

( 5pm MT, 6 CT,  7ET ) the stream often includes supporters, bands, musicians and music fans in general.

We even have special co-hosts and guests along with  surprises, trivia and prizes! Follow us at:

If the viewers like your song, they type YAY in the comments, and if it gets enough "YAYs" it becomes a finalist for another song played of yours played at the end of the stream. (Yes, you can "YAY" your own song!) We encourage every band played during the live stream to invite fans to come vote for them! 

After reviewing all the music, the viewers cast  votes for their favorite bands via a live web poll.  The winner will get a second song (randomly chosen by BG) played to finish the show.

The Tournaments

Winners from the live stream are then entered into the Tournament Of Champions event. We heavily promote the event on our social media accounts is the most popular of our live  Twitch streams. When the tournament date is set, we create the tournament bracket graphic, post it on our social media accounts, and tag the bands that are participating. We tag them asking them what ONE song they'd like us to play to represent them in the tournament. This is entirely up to the artist to decide which song, but songs with music videos typically appeal to the audience more than a spotify link for example. If the artist doesn't reply to the tagged post, BG will pick a song on their behalf (and usually he goes with the song that got them into the tournament to begin with).

The line up is determined by  the order in which they won the daily live stream, simple as that. Band/artist in  space number one goes against band in space number two. There is no favortism or "rigging" in our matchups!  WE ARE A NON GENRE SPECIFIC CHANNEL/COMPANY. WE PLAY/PROMOTE ANY GENRE OF ANY BAND/ARTIST FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  So that means a hip hop artist may go against a death metal band. A country singer may go against a K-pop girl group. We also host a CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS event where winners of the previous tournaments go head to head!

We will play approximately one minute of the first artist, then switch to the artist they are going against. We will switch back and forth and while the audience members decide who they like the most out of the two.  A live poll is created in the chat and the artist with the most votes moves on to the next bracket. Voters MUST be in the chat of the live stream to vote. There is no external link to share to solicit votes, so it's important to be there to vote live!   We do this all in one sitting (typically a three plus hour long stream). 


How to win the tournament- Promote the hell out of it!

This event is a virtual "battle of the bands" popularity contest.  In the history of our tournaments, those who heavily promote the event and campaign to get their fans to come vote for them have had the most success. If you succeed in getting the most votes and move on to the next bracket, fans need to stay to continue to vote for you to crown you champion! Share the original tournament announcement post, or screenshot the tournament graphic and make your own post, be creative! TOURNAMENT WINNERS DO WIN PRIZES and get mentioned on our socials! And the further in the tournament you get, the more your music is being played in front of our audience! 

"I'm going up against a huge band in the tournament, WTH!?!?"

Since any band can be voted as the winner in our daily live streams regardless of how big they are, seldom does the big bands respond to our tournament social media posts and therefore don't promote the event. In almost all cases, the smaller bands have beaten the large, well known bands hands down. Don't be discouraged!

Closing thoughts

Local Band Smokeout exists to promote independent and unsigned bands -the "underdogs" and help get their music to the people who will become their future fans. This event in particular helps music fans discover their next favorite band/artist. And that band/artist may as well be you!  Please visit our other pages if you'd like to learn more about how Local Band Smokeout helps promote music. Cheers!

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